About PINNOVATIVE DESIGNS | Custom Pins | Cause Jewelry | Charm Bracelets

Our Mission: Prioritizing community and causes, we aim to create accessories that serve a greater purpose. This commitment fuels our company and enables us to deliver exceptional products with the goal of fundraising. Pinnovative Designs is dedicated to crafting a unique Cause Marketing program, leveraging our one-of-a-kind products to generate additional funds for any cause. We simplify fundraising by offering our stylish and cost-effective jewelry, allowing ample margins for the cause. Our jewelry is not only memorable but also serves as a symbol of support.

Our Unconventional Approach: No more fixed menus. Let us tailor the opportunity to align with your clients' objectives. We infuse heaps of fresh innovation and a sprinkle of chic to create a customized blend. Reach out via email for our intake form, kickstarting the process of designing your custom Pinnovative creation today.

Our Achievements: Timely delivery is our commitment, ensuring that your expectations are met with precision.

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