About PINNOVATIVE DESIGNS | Custom Pins | Cause Jewelry | Charm Bracelets

Our Purpose: To create accessories that keep community and causes our top priority. This is the fuel behind the company and has allowed us to help provide great products with the purpose of raising funds. Pinnovative Designs will create the Cause Marketing program that includes our one of a kind products to raise  more funds for any  Cause. We make fundraising easier by offering a vehicle, our jewelry,at high styles and low costs leaving the margins for the cause. Jewelry that will be remembered and worn.

Our Menu-Less Recipe: No More menu to order off of. Let us create the opportunity that mixes with your clients’ objectives, and we’ll add heaps and mounds of fresh innovation and a sprinkle of chic to top it off. Email us for our intake form so you can start working today on your custom Pinnovative Design

Our Results: On time delivery of high quality products and personalized service so good you can call it Old School.